Retinal Detachment. Macular Hole. Diabetic Retinopathy.

The causes of vision loss can be daunting. The solution is simple – Facedown Recovery

Face Down Rental Set

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Are you or a loved one recovering from a Vitrectomy? To assist in your facedown recovery, we provide durable medical equipment and related products for lease. Unlike other companies that provide similar supplies and equipment, Vitrectomy Solutions is staffed with experienced professionals that fully assist both patients and physicians with insurance reimbursement, including Medigap, Medicare Part B Supplements, and most other medical insurance carriers.

Vitrectomy Solutions, Inc. is the nation’s leader in facedown support equipment for extended facedown recovery from vitrectomy surgery. Vitrectomy Solutions is staffed with experienced professionals who understand and appreciate patient and physician needs. For more information contact us at 877-262-7378.

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