My husband had emergency surgery for a detached retina today. When I found out he had to look directly down at his feet for the next week, I immediately searched options to make him comfortable. After Googling where to find rental equipment for eye surgery in Denver, I found this outfit. I called their 877 number at 4:45 pm and by the time we came home from the hospital an hour and a half later, the equipment was on the front porch. Other than smelling like a hospital, it is great. He was very comfortable in the chair and is sleeping now with the head support set up between the mattress and box spring. It’s going to be a long week but I so appreciate that this company had the equipment, got it to me quickly and it works as promised. – Christina S.

“Thank you so much for delivering the Face Down Recovery Equipment in such a timely manner. The equipment arrived the day before my wife’s surgery and I was able to set up the equipment and make the proper adjustment. The equipment certainly assisted my wife in her recovery process.” – Odell T.

“Thank you very much. Although your service was desperately needed and deeply appreciated, I hope I never need your services again! 🙂 I was face-down almost continuously for the first four weeks after my retinal detachment surgery, then face-down at night for six more weeks. Thank God the “bubble” in my eye is now gone and I can get back to sleeping normally again. Thanks again for your good service.” – Joann W.

“[The chair] really helped my dad by relieving his back pain from laying face down. Very Greatful for this chair for him. Thank you.” – Brianne C.