Face-Support™ System – The NightTimer

Face-Support™ System – “The NightTimer” is our most versatile, portable and easy way to successfully comply with facedown recovery, both asleep and awake. At night patients place the NightTimer either on top of or off the foot of the bed for sleeping. During the day the NightTimer becomes a versatile tool for eating, reading, conversation and many other activities that would be difficult to perform otherwise. 

The NightTimer is completely adjustable for the widest variety of body types, sizes and other physical considerations, and the unit comes with two easily adjustable Velcro attached face pads – a large crescent-shaped face rest now standard with Tempur-pedic ® Memory Foam that can be adjusted for any size face and a 3-pad face rest that can accommodate glasses or an eye patch. All of the NightTimer pads are attached with Velcro, so making  adjustments is easy. Vitrectomy Solutions provides one set of comfortable, disposable face rest covers, a carrying case and an instructional video with each NightTimer.