Macular Hole

What Is a Macular Hole?

The Macula, which is a specialized area of the retina, is responsible for clear, detailed vision. A macular hole is an abnormal opening which, forms in the center of the macula over weeks to months.

What Causes It?

In most cases, it’s caused by one of the following problems:

• The vitreous jelly within the eye pulls on the macula until it tears.
• Scar tissue on top of the retina can cause a macular hole.

What Is The Treatment?

The effective known treatment to close a macular hole and improve vision is vitrectomy surgery. During the vitrectomy surgery the vitreous jelly that pulls on the retina is removed and in most cases the eye is filled with a gas bubble. This gas bubble will slowly dissolve after surgery. In order for the hole to close, the patient must maintain a face down position for several weeks following surgery to keep the gas bubble in contact with the macula. A successful result is often dependent upon how well the face down positioning is maintained.