Seated-Support™ System – The DayTimer

The Day Timer
The Day Timer

Seated-Support™ System –  The DayTimer  is Vitrectomy Solutions’ most popular choice for daytime facedown recovery, providing endless options for daily living. The DayTimer is ergonomically designed to reduce neck and back strain while remaining constantly facedown. The DayTimer comes with an adjustable height armrest desk that is large enough to hold a laptop computer or a dinner tray, and the whole armrest desk is adjustable for reading and even dropped out of the way for easy television viewing with the help of the Majic View™ mirror.

Seated-Support™ System – The DayTimer comes with two easily adjustable Velcro attached face pads – a large crescent-shaped face rest now standard with Tempur-pedic ® Memory Foam that can be adjusted for any size face and a 3-pad face rest that can accommodate glasses or an eye patch. There’s even an alternative chest pad for large-breasted women or heavier patients. Like the NightTimer, the DayTimer also comes with one set of disposable face rest covers, a carrying case and an instructional video.

Combining the DayTimer, NightTimer and accessories in our Face Down Recovery Rental Package is Vitrectomy Solutions’ answer for total recovery comfort and flexibility.

Day Timer Face Down Chair